Mayumi Goto

Facing seriously with nature, then nature will accept me.
Sharpen my senses, can hear nature whispering something important.
Not for purpose to painting natural landscape.
Will start my journey to painting naturally again.

1982 Born in Ishikawa Prefecture, raised in Kanagawa Prefecture,Japan
2005 Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Japanese-StylePainting Studies

CANSON PRIZE Japan representative
Creative Solution Awards 2017 Special Jury: Ochanomizu Art College
Hiratsuka Museum of Art Council member

Mayumi Goto

Until 2020, Mayumi Goto painted delicate cherryblossoms.

Regardless of she's intention, who viewed art works was feeld to be consistent with image of author herself.
If it weren't for pandemic, Samurai lady in a black kimono would have traveled to Europe and continued to paint the cherry blossoms that symbolize Japan.
Mayumi trapped in Japan took new action.

She went away from city to avoid contact with people, went tomountains and sea, painted Japanese style paintings.
Japanese style painting does not use commercialized paints like oil and watercolors.
Crush natural rocks that are as beautiful as jewels, Mix powder with glue and fingers just before coloring.
It is too time-consuming, enemy is rain and cold. everyone does not want to painting in outdoor.

Closely related to the natural elements that are at root of life energy, her cell was tingling. And inspiring her motivation for creation true, her nature is exposed to the surface.

Mayumi said
“In the natural world, living things fight for the survival of life.It is cruel. There is a beauty to the brink.”

She has a delicate sense. Listen to the heartbeat of the earth.
Feel wind and light on her skin. body temperature of animal with her fingertips, smell plants, and put petals in her mouth. input in all five senses, to output visually.

The basis and concept of beauty change with the times.
She is particular about Japanese painting, but she seeks freedom ofexpression without being bound by tradition.
She departs and painting again . Her appearance is divinely beautiful.

Office GOTO

Career of major announcements

  • 2008

    First Solo Exhibition: Etsuko Shibata Gallery (Ginza, Tokyo)

  • 2010

    Selected for the 21st Garyu Zakura Japanese Painting Award Exhibition (Takayama City, Gifu Prefectural Museum of Art)

  • 2011

    Selected for the 29th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition (Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo)

  • 2016

    Solo Exhibition: Sogo Yokohama Department store Directly managed Art Gallery (Kanagawa)

  • 2017

    Solo Exhibition: Sogo Chiba Department store Directly managed Art Gallery (Chiba)

  • 2018

    Solo Exhibition: Seibu Ikebukuro Department store Directly managed Art Gallery (Tokyo)

  • 2019

    7th Sato Sakura Museum Exhibition Sato Sakura Museum (Nakameguro, Tokyo)

  • 2020

    Victory Bouquet Exhibition [TOKYO 2020 Support Program] Sato Museum (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

  • 2021

    Solo Exhibition: Sogo Yokohama Department store Directly managed Art Gallery

Major Public Collection

  • Masaryk University (Brno Czech)
  • Sato Sakura Museum (Tokyo)
  • Jojakkoji Temple (Kyoto)
  • Giouji Temple (Kyoto)
  • Kagoshima Shrine (Kagoshima)
  • Hiratsuka Hachimangu (Kanagawa)